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Third Party Special Event Application


  1. 1. Applicant/Event Host Information
  2. 2. Event Description
  3. 3. Event Location & Maps
  4. 4. Event Schedule
  5. 5. Event Activities, Entertainment & Equipment
  6. 6. Public Participation, Vendors, & Fees
  7. 7. Signage, Security, & Waste Management
  • Applicant/Event Host Information

    1. If applicable, please insert Event Host Organization name. If not applicable, please insert, "N/A."
    2. Organization Type*
    3. If not listed above, please describe your organization.
    4. Host Organization or Contact Person
    5. This contact number and person should be available on-site at your event.
    6. Contact Person
    7. Please attach your Liability Insurance Certificate.
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    8. Please attach your organization's 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) certificate (if applicable).
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