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'Artist Selection Panel' Interest Form - City of Garland Public Art Projects

  1. Thank you for your interest in serving on an Artist Selection Panel. The artist selection process requires 3-5 meetings each lasting approximately two hours to review submissions for City of Garland public art projects. (Projects that include public funding and/or on public property.) Panels are assembled on a project-by-project basis. Please consider the time commitment when completing this form. Applicants must be either a Garland resident or have a business in Garland. For more information, please contact

  2. If you do not live in Garland, do you have a business or conduct business in Garland?
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    Completion of this form functions as a statement of interest in serving on a panel but does not ensure selection for a panel. Panels are selected as projects arise. Information received through this interest form is the first step in the panel selection process. Applications remain on file for up to 5 years after the application date.

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