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Public Meeting Speaker Card

  1. Welcome to the Garland City Council Meeting
    Your participation in Garland's government process is appreciated. Members of the public who wish to speak to the City Council or Plan Commission on an item listed on the agenda must submit this form to the City Secretary no later than 2 p.m. the day of the meeting. To speak, please click into the Zoom meeting link in the Council agenda or dial-in to the meeting phone number. When you are recognized, you will have three minutes to speak. Members of the public who only want to provide written comments can express their concerns online through this form in the space below. Members of the public may also email or call 972-205-2404 for staff assistance in signing up.
  2. Please indicate whether you wish to provide comments for City Council or Plan Commission. Indicate meeting date.
  3. On which agenda item do you wish to comment?
  4. Speak to Council/Plan Commission*
  5. Type your comments here. If you do not wish to speak, your comments will be included in the official meeting minutes.
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