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1. How do I report a large pothole that has developed in front of my house?
2. Since the implementation of the stormwater permit, is the water quality improving?
3. Where can I get a Toll Tag?
4. Who do I call to find out about bus and light rail service?
5. Who do I call to get my car registration renewed, title transfers or handicap plates/stickers?
6. How do I obtain a tree removal permit?
7. How do I request a Zoning verification letter?
8. What is the difference between the sanitary sewer system and the storm drain system?
9. What can I do to help?
10. Where can I find copies of minutes and agendas?
11. Where can I obtain or file a claim against the City?
12. How do I apply for appointment to a Board or Commission?
13. Is the Stormwater Management Department part of the Water Department?
14. I think I need a storm drain inlet installed near my property. Who do I call?
15. Where is the Office of Neighborhood Vitality located?
16. How do I register my homeowner's or neighborhood association with the City of Garland?