Garland Neighborhood Awards

2019 garland neighborhood awards

Great neighborhoods take work! The City of Garland, Office of Neighborhood Vitality would like to recognize those who make extraordinary efforts to enhance, revitalize, or invest in their neighborhoods. The awards include:

Garland Neighbors are also asked to nominate:

For more information, email the Office of Neighborhood Vitality or call at 972-205-2445.

Congratulations to the 2019 Garland Neighborhood Award Winners!

Oakridge Neighborhood Association, Garland Neighborhood of the Year

Garland Neighborhood of the Year

Oakridge Neighborhood Association - Winner

In the early 1990s, the still-fledgling Oakridge Neighborhood Association (ONA) was looking for ways to build relationships with the community both inside and outside of Oakridge. With that desire in mind, they intiated a project to coordinate and deliver holiday meals to the nearby fire stations. When it came time to deliver the meals, an ONA representative made the deliveries on Thanksgiving and Christmas days. This project has not only drawn the community closer together within Oakridge but has also built connections with outside partners such as grocery stores who furnish hams, turkeys, or one year in particular steaks! Oakridge is exceptionally proud of these fire crews and continues this tradition every year to show appreciation through holiday meals.

whos who in Garland Neighborhoods - Shirley  Walker-King

Who's Who in Garland Neighborhoods

Shirley Walker-King  - Winner

Shirley has exemplified being a good neighbor by serving on the board of directors for Summerfield of Garland HOA for over 10 years as a community liaison for her residential neighbors. Shirley was also a former board member of Alpha Charter School where she provided self-esteem and business workshops to high school seniors and as a Parent Liaison for GISD's Rowlett High School. Shirley is also a good community role model, leader and community mom. She celebrates good people, good service and sacrifice. Shirley believes you have to overshadow all the worldly negativity with the positive vibes and that begins at a community level. So congratulation to Shirley Walker-King the 2019 Who’s Who in Garland Neighborhoods award winner!

2019 Neighborhood Newsletter Award Winner - Oakridge Neighborhood

Neighborhood Newsletter of the Year

Oakridge Neighborhood Association – Winner

The newsletter is the only means by which Orchard Hills Neighborhood Association can reach and communicate with every single household in the neighborhood. By utilizing the newsletter, they have been able to draw neighbors together for neighborhood parties (such as their "Spring Fling" and "Oakridge Night Out and Chili Cook-off") and for environmental "clean-up" events to beautify their perimeter. An unanticipated benefit of the newsletter is that it often serves as a window into our community. When individuals from the community submit content for the newsletter, they learn a little bit about their area of expertise or what things are important to them.

sustainability Leadership Award - Linsey Gilbert, Winner

Sustainability Leader Award

Linsey Gilbert - Winner

Linsey Gilbert, BSN, RN, serves as the nurse at Park Crest Elementary School and is helping to GROW Garland in more ways than one. Linsey spearheaded the creation of a garden and outdoor learning center at her school to help students better connect to nature and each other. Her remarkable work has helped our future leaders learn the importance of taking care of our planet, has created a strong foundation for healthy and sustainable food choices, increased environmentally focused STEM education, and serves as a shining example of how to build community and appreciation for our planet. The City of Garland’s Go Green Garland team is thrilled to recognize Linsey as this year’s super green hero.

2019 Garland Public Servant Award Winner Officer Wendy Sheriff

Garland Public Servant Award

Officer Wendy Sheriff - Winner

Officer Sheriff has been with Garland Police Department for many years. She has built relationships with the homeless citizens in Garland and cares deeply for them. She has gone above and beyond to help so many be able to get a fresh start. Officer Sheriff is friendly and personable and loves her job. She always has a smile on her face and a friendly word for all. Officer Sheriff has served this city tirelessly. She is always willing to listen to suggestions and does all she can with the challenges she face, to help Garland be a safe, secure city, for all of its citizens. Thought it may be her job, and she does it with pride and a positive attitude. We are incredibly blessed to have a public servant such as Officer Wendy Sheriff.


Recognized for exemplary Neighborhood & Community Involvement travis college hill Neighbors
robert ashcraft for Exemplary Public Service
reba collins for Exemplary Sustainability Leadership
ximena coronado for exemplary sustainability Leadership