Office of Neighborhood Vitality

Garland's diverse neighborhoods reflect the community's growth over the years. We value neighborhoods as core building blocks of a great community. Through the Office of Neighborhood Vitality, the City of Garland engages residents and other community stakeholders as equal partners in creating and sustaining neighborhoods that are safe, attractive and economically stable.Three Adult Neighbors and a Baby Outside at a Block Party

Neighborhoods are where life happens. As diverse sectors of the community build relationships and increase collaboration, stakeholders take an active role in managing their neighborhood's future. 

Neighborhood Management Philosophy

The Neighborhood Management philosophy encourages vitality through community building, empowerment, and collaboration. The office of Neighborhood Vitality works with residents and organizations to discover and build on their strengths and to expand their capabilities to improve and manage neighborhood image and outcomes over time. 

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Engagement/Capacity Building 

Neighborhood Organizing

The City of Garland promotes neighborhood associations as an excellent opportunity for residents to build relationships with one another and community stakeholders, to create a forum for planning and setting goals, and to build social capital.

Garland Neighborhood Management Academy

The Garland Neighborhood Management Academy (GNMA), established in 2007, provides community stakeholders with training and resources to be active participants in the municipal government process and to manage neighborhood growth and change. GNMA increases awareness of the contribution that every neighbor can make in sustaining vital neighborhoods and a thriving community. 

Annual Neighborhood Summit

The Summit is an annual event designed to build bridges between the various sectors of our community. The event provides an opportunity for residents, local government, leaders, and practitioners to review and discuss best practices in neighborhood development and revitalization. The Summit includes diverse speakers, workshops, and takeaways for everyone interested in vital neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Chatter E-Newsletter: Neighborhood Vitality publishes a bi-weekly e-newsletter which includes leadership articles, event announcements, and promotions.

Neighborhood Investment/Technical Assistance 

Neighborhood Vitality Matching Grant

The Neighborhood Vitality Matching Grant is designed to encourage community efforts in the enhancement of our neighborhoods. Funds may be used for physical and aesthetic improvements (See program guidelines for more details). Neighborhood projects are a great opportunity to: 

  • Promote the goals of a neighborhood association
  • Improve neighborhood image
  • Achieve goals important to area residents
  • Meet and develop relationships with neighbors
  • Promote a sense of community


This is a targeted neighborhood enhancement program that builds strong neighborhoods through both social and physical enhancement projects. 

Community Garden

The Community Gardening program allows neighborhood groups to utilize undeveloped, city-owned parcels for gardening. Community gardening creates opportunities for recreation and education; contributes to community "greening" and sustainability; and stimulates social interaction. For more information, call 972-205-2445 or email

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