Routine Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Being FlushedThe City of Garland Water Department conducts routine fire hydrant flushing to maintain the integrity of the water distribution system. 

Garland has more than 8,000 fire hydrants, 1100 miles of distribution pipeline and over 67,000 water meters.  The distribution system is continually monitored for leaks, water quality and necessary repairs.   

While flushing may appear to be a waste of water, it is a necessary step for maintaining water delivery systems throughout the nation. 

Hydrant flushing is important for:

  • determining any malfunctions of the hydrant and valves
  • ensuring chlorine residuals remain at constant optimal levels to prevent bacteria growth.
  • checking pressure for adequate fire flows at the hydrant
  • identifying inadequate water volumes and pressures
  • removing any sediments from the lines

For additional information about water quality, please call the Water Department at 972-205-3210.